Regulation Farmhouse “Ortaglia” Bardolino

The structure consists of five double bedrooms, all equipped with heating and cooling, TV, wi-fi connection, safe, bathroom with shower and hairdryer, and a refreshment corner.

The latter consists of a sink, pantry equipped with various utensils and snacks, equipment for hot drinks and mini-fridge/bar with drinks; all to allow you to have breakfast both in the room and in the outdoor area used for this purpose.

The drinks and food are provided in the rooms do not consider possible allergies or food pathologies.

Reg.UE 1169/2011

The propety will be able to provide appropriate products at the request of the guest before the stay.

Except in particular cases, no other food can be brought into the rooms and it is forbidden to enter with equipment for heating the food.

The property manages the operation of heating and cooling based on the seasonal period and the climate (reference interval for heating from October to April and for cooling from May to September).

The air conditioning system, if switched on, is automatically stopped when doors or windows are opened after a limited time.

The structure is equipped with an internal telephone service for contacts with the property (by dialing the number 11 for the Office and 12 for the Residence) or the single emergency number 112.

To always offer a decent environment, we ask you to take the utmost care of the room and all that is contained in it.

For this reason the general conditions of each room are verified, with the guest, at the time of check-in and check-out; in case of breakdowns or breakages, therefore, please notify the property promptly.

Furthermore, since it is a structure inserted in a natural environment, it is asked to pay the utmost attention to the lawn and the garden, with respect for the signs showing common rules and the use of special waste containers.

No pets are allowed inside the structure.

Upon telephone contact, the farmhouse manages customer arrivals after 4 pm, while departures must be made no later than 11 am and after check-out.

The cleaning of the rooms is carried out daily by 4 pm; to manage it in the best way, we ask you to put only the towels to be replaced on the floor in the bathroom, and to place any waste in the appropriate baskets and containers in the rooms ( it is recommended to throw only suitable toilet paper in the toilet ).

The rooms are equipped with a smoke and fire alarm sensor connected to the general alarm; smoking is therefore only allowed in the designated outdoor area.

Since this structure is devoted to tranquility, it is asked to always maintain a moderate tone of voice, both in the rooms and in the external areas, and to limit the volume of the TV, mobile phone or other, in order to promote maximum peace for all. .

For this reason, access to the property is allowed only to guests; any visits by other people are allowed with prior notice to the owner and consent of the same.

Each room is assigned a covered, unattended parking space and a sunbathing area with sun beds and umbrella. The ornamental little lake, isn’t suitable for swimming and it is not possible to use the lawn as a relaxation or refreshment area.

For safety reasons, the common areas are under video surveillance and each room is equipped with an alarm system that can be activated and deactivated independently.

All the rooms are equipped with a personal electronic card for opening the entrance door and activating the internal services by inserting it into a special energy pocket: this card, once removed from its seat, automatically interrupts the services after a time already set.

The farmhouse does not accept the custody of valuables of any kind, which can however be stored in the special safe which each room is provided with, and is not liable for the theft of money or any valuables of any kind left unattended.

Furthermore, the customer is invited to use the wi-fi correctly, in order to avoid access to unsafe or not allowed sites.

The Farmhouse declines all responsibility for damage that the guest may suffer inside the structure by other customers or third parties, and is not responsible for the theft of personal data, present in the customer management programs, possibly carried out by outsiders through hacking.

The payment of the stay and the payment of the security deposit (€ 150,00), must be made at the time of booking.

The security deposit, to guarantee any shortages and/or damage to the property, is returned at check-out in the event of the absence of anomalies or vice versa retained, in part or completely based on the extent of the damage; if the latter is higher than the security deposit, the Farmhouse has the right to demand the difference up to coverage of the accommodation costs.

In the event of cancellation within 30 days of the scheduled start date, the Farmhouse retains an amount equal to 20% of the amount paid and instead immediately refunds the remaining part, while if the cancellation occurs up to 15 days before, the amount withheld is equal to 50%; however, nothing is returned if the cancellation occurs within 15 days from the date of the start of the stay.

The owner reserves the right to remove customers who do not comply with the provisions of this regulation and who in any case cause damage to the property or its guests.
By sending the payment of the stay and the security deposit, the aforementioned rules are considered accepted.